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Submitted 02/13/03
(Q.)What is a cached webpage and how does it effect me?

(A.)Are you having trouble such as . .

1. Sending messages to profiles . . . you are a SUBSCRIBED PAID MEMBER and when you try and send a message you get a response page that advises you to either log in or only subscription members can send messages!!

2. You just subscribed and when you tried to send a message the same thing as described in 1. happens??

If so, read on . . .

Believe it or not, the problem is on YOUR end!! The problem more than likely is that your browser is using cached pages in some or all page changes you make!

What is a cached page, you may ask?

Whenever you visit a webpage on the Internet, your browser's configurations(by default) store that page in a little storage place on your local hard drive we call cache(pronounced CASH)!

When you click a link, your browser first looks in your cache to see if it has a copy of the page you are requesting when you clicked that link.

If it has a copy, because you have visited that page previously, it displays that page, as opposed to getting a fresh page from the website server.

Now, what has happened is your browser has stored that page that you viewed previously as a GUEST! So that page regards you as a Guest and directs your request to send a message to another page advising you of the need to be logged in or become a member!

How do you fix this problem?

What you need to do is CLEAR YOUR CACHE!

The best way to do it is to follow these instructions . . .

1. Log OUT from the website if you have already logged in! If you see a LOG OUT button in the left menu panel CLICK it and click subsequent log out button if it is visible!

2. Go to another website on the Internet . . . ie.

Click Here

While at another website, CLEAR YOUR CACHE! Do you know how? In Internet Explorer, find the TOOLS pull down menu in top panel and pull down to INTERNET OPTIONS . . . in the first tab you see, towards the middle is a area called TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES!(cache)


You may also want to check out the button called SETTINGS . . . this is where you tell your browser how to store pages and when to get fresh ones . . . experiment with the options there . .. but to insure you NEVER look at a cached page, click the option setting EVERY VISIT TO THE PAGE!!!

These directions may vary a bit depending on your version of the browser. These are only meant as guidelines!

After you have cleared your cache, return to our website and log back in.

If you have done this properly, these steps should take care of your problem.

The second way to fix this is for your cached pages to expire . . . usually two hours or more! Also try clicking the RELOAD button when you think you may be looking at a cached page. RELOAD is supposed to get a fresh copy of the page from the server!

Submitted 11/25/02

Is there a 1 month membership availble...if so what is the cost. Thank you!

(A.)Please click SUBSCRIBE in the top menu panel for a list of our subscription rates!

Submitted 10/19/02
(Q.)How do I search for a specific person without looking thru your entire list?

(A.)When you initially see a profile of interest we recommend you add that profile to your FAVORITES list.

To go back to a particular profile, do a specific search in that you enter as many specific details about that profile, thereby excluding most other profiles in the match results. This way you have fewer profiles to search thru to get to the desired profile.

Submitted 08/01/02
(Q.)How do I delete my profile?

(A.)Send an email to from the address you have in your profile!

Submitted 07/31/02
(Q.)My sister and I live together and share a credit card. However, when I try to use the card to subscribe, it won't allow me. Is via regular mail the only way I am able to subscribe without a credit card in my own name?

(A.)You may use any credit card in anyone's name that you like. . . . if it is not accepting it, it will tell you the reason . . .


Submitted 07/23/02
(Q.)I paid my membership TODAY. And now there is no place to LOG IN. This is very frustrating. Where is the login space!?

(A.)The login button only appears if you are NOT loged in. Often times your browser may be caching a particular page. You may not be logged in but will not see the login form in the left menu panel because your browser is displayiong a cached page from when you were logged in. Usually, clicking any other button in the top menu will cause the login form to reappear, IF you are not already logged in.

Submitted 07/21/02
(Q.)On my profile, the area stating sexaul preferences is blacnk. I want my sexual preference to be "male". Can you make that change for me?

(A.)Click UPDATE PROFILE in the Account Manager . . .

Submitted 07/18/02
(Q.)When does my account exprire??? How do I cancell??

(A.)This info is available to you when you log into the Account Manager . . .

You can MODIFY your profile and flag your profile offline if you wish. When your subscription expires, we will be glad to totally remove it if you like.

Submitted 07/18/02
(Q.)how would I be able to answer a reply to someone I'm interested in or visiting your chat room tonight?

(A.)If a member has sent you a message, you can reply to that member's message in the Message Manager whether you are a subscription member or not.

You must be a subscription member to use the Chat Room!

Submitted 07/12/02
(Q.)I have been on this site now for more than a month and am not recieving any reponses. I don't know if my profile is on or maybe I am not doing something right. I have a profile with the same picture on another site and am recieving tremendous responses from guys all over, everyday I log on. Is something wrong with the way my profile is setup? I really need to know because my profile don't need to be up there if am not recieving responses. Thank you.

(A.) As a member, you can contact any other profiles you wish. We cannot in any way guarantee responses to any profiles.

Your profile and photo look very good to us. We can only recommend you take the initiative and contact any profiles of interest to you!


Submitted 07/11/02
(Q.)If I wanted to send a message to someone, how can I do that? I see several profiles that I am interested in, however, I am unable to send a message a perspective member.

(A.)Log in and click SUBSCRIBE in the Account Manager . . .


Submitted 07/02/02
(Q.)How do you zoom in to enlarge photo of person's profile? There is no way one can see that small photo.

(A.)Perhaps you can reduce the resolution on your monitor or get a larger monitor . . .every photo here is optimized and is perfectly visible to the average visitor . . .


Submitted 06/24/02
(Q.)As a new member, I don't see where I can respond to a member who has sent me a message. please instruct. Thanks

(A.)When reading messages from others, click SEND MESSAGE button located benaeth message . . .

Submitted 06/20/02
(Q.)how can i log-in and view profiles?

(A.)Homes, You do not need to log in to view profiles. Simply slick the SEARCH button in the top menu panel and search through all of our online profiles.

If you have placed a free profile already, you can log into the Account Manager using the Log In form in the left menu panel.

Submitted 05/01/02
(Q.)i blocked a person from sending me a e-mail by accident. how can i remove this block?

(A.)After logging in, in the Account Manager, click VIEW BLOCKS . . . . and adjust your configurations as desired . . .

Submitted 04/30/02
(Q.)how do i cancel my membership?

(A.)If you are an active subscriber at with days left on your subscription and for some reason you wish to cancel your subscription and discontinue participation, please read on.

Technically, you cannot cancel your subscription as you have already paid for a set amount of time. However, you can flag your profile offline in the Account Manager by editing your own profile and flagging the -Active- field NO.

This will take your profile offline and remove your profile from view and no one will see it again during any searches.

Once your subscription expires, you can then send an email to and your entire profile will subsequently be removed from the system.

At any time during your subscription term if you change your mind, you can log in and reactivate your profile yourself, or simply continue to respond to other profiles of interest without reactivating your profile as paid subscribers are not required to have their profile online.

Submitted 04/05/02
(Q.)The date of month of birth on my registration form is wrong, how do i change it

(A.)Please send an email with your userID and date of birth and we will update it for you!

Submitted 02/28/02
(Q.)How do you narrow your search to people within a certain distance from your area?

(A.)You can only perform a search for profiles using the existing fields in the Search page . . . there is no field accounting for distance.

Submitted 02/03/02
(Q.)How can I delete my ad? There is NO action.

(A.)This is the most curious of all scenarios to us here at Dating for Smokers.

We have yet to discern why anyone, because they were not getting what ever number of responses in whatever time frame(2 weeks in this case), feels it neccessary to pull their profile, effectively GUARANTEEING no one will respond to them!

Since the placement of the profile is FREE . . . since we notify participants when they have waiting messages - FOR FREE . . . since it costs NOTHING to place and maintain a profile . . . since it doesn't even cost YOUR TIME(past the time it takes to fill out the free profile form) . . . why would ANYONE choose to remove their profile instead of just leaving it in place in the REMOTE chance(in their minds) that someone will choose to respond to them?

Submitted 02/01/02
(Q.)i got an email from someone whose profile is offline. what does that mean? why can't i view their profile?

(A.)Why are profiles offline?

* The user may have requested their profile be deleted!

* The profile may be awaiting approval due to a recent profile update.

* The email address proved invalid and the profile was flagged offline/deleted.

* Perhaps they chose to flag their own profile offline for whatever their reason.

*Perhaps they are a member and have no profile.

thank you . . .


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